FAW Hongqi HS3 is an entry level SUV from this brand


We learned from the official that the pre-sale price of Hongqi HS3 starts at 160,000 yuan. The new car will be officially launched on July 17. Hongqi HS3 is positioned as a compact SUV and adopts Hongqi‘s new design language. The 2770mm wheelbase is very advantageous in the same class.

Hongqi HS3 adopts the latest design language of the family. The square shape of the front air intake grille is very exaggerated in size. The interior is decorated with straight waterfall chrome plating. The split-type headlight design is very eye-catching. The C-shaped daytime running lights are connected to the center grille.

The Hongqi HS3 can choose a two-tone body, the double waistline and the lines on the wheel arches are very three-dimensional, and the Hongqi logo is added to the fenders, and the overall shape is fashionable and dynamic. The wind blade shape of Hongqi HS3 five-spoke wheels is more fashionable, and the tire size is 235/60 R18. The length, width and height of Hongqi HS3 are 4655/1900/1668mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2770mm.

The shape of the rear of the car is very solid, and the lower surround design is full of thickness. The new car adopts bar-type taillights, shaped like a red flag waving in the wind. A total of two exhausts on both sides adopt a hidden design.

The Hongqi HS3 interior adopts a classic enveloping cockpit, equipped with a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument and a 12.6-inch central control large screen. The three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel adopts a flat-bottomed design, the seat is wide and thick, and the shape looks very classy. Depending on the model, the new car will also provide keyless entry, automatic air conditioning, ACC adaptive cruise, 253-color ambient lights and multiple driving mode adjustments.

In terms of power, refer to the information exposed on the Internet. Hongqi HS3 is expected to be equipped with three power systems: 1.5T+7DCT, 1.5T gasoline-electric hybrid and 2.0T+8AT. The maximum power is 124kW, 140kW, 185kW, and the peak torque is 258N m, 280 N m, 380 N m.