FAW Hongqi E-HS3 Is Ready In Chinese Market


We learned from relevant channels that the pure electric SUV Hongqi E-HS3 was officially listed in China market, it offers two trims, the pre-subsidy price range is 225,800-265,800 yuan. As FAW-Hongqi’s first pure electric vehicle, Hongqi E-HS3 features two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, with range of 252miles(407km) and 213miles(344km) respectively.

The Hongqi E-HS3 is positioned in a compact pure electric SUV, which debuted at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show. Although it is the first mass-produced pure electric vehicle of FAW-Hongqi, the new large, straight waterfall chrome grille is enclosed and embellished with blue accents, indicating both the identity of the new energy vehicle and the family design.

In terms of the rear end, the overall shape of Hongqi E-HS3 is relatively simple. The taillights adopt the popular bar-style design, while the middle is decorated with chrome strips to stretch the lateral visual effect. In addition, the Hongqi E-HS3 is also equipped with a large-sized cyclone-type aluminum alloy rim, it has a closed design, which looks more sporty.

In terms of interior, the Red Flag E-HS3 also adopts the latest design style. It features 3 digital display, the 12.3-inch LCD instrument panel and a 10.1-inch floating central control panel. The high trim level models also features HUD head-up display, electric lumbar support, plasma generator, indoor ambient light, active braking, and Lane departure warning, lane keeping function, remote key calling, power tailgate, etc. Automatic headlights, 6 airbags, Bose audio, wireless charging in the car, remote vehicle control, etc. are standard.

In terms of power, the two-wheel drive version is powered by a motor with maximum power of 114kW(152hp) and maximum torque of 340Nm. The acceleration time of 0-100km/h is 10s. The four-wheel drive model is powered by dual motors. the maximum power is 228 kW (305hp), the maximum torque is 680 Nm, and the acceleration time from 0-100 km/h is 6 s. In terms of cruising range, both models are equipped with a 52.5kWh ternary lithium battery, of which the two-wheel drive model has a cruising range of 407km (252miles) and the four-wheel drive model has a cruising range of 344km (213miles).