China’s Bugatti? The Chinese National Car Brand Hongqi Debuted Hongqi S9, A Concept Supercar At Frankfurt


At 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, the China’s national car brand FAW Hongqi (“红旗” – means Red flag) debuted a concept supercar, the Hongqi S9. It is reported that Hongqi S9 is equipped with a hybrid power system, the maximum output power exceeds 1029kW (1379hp), the acceleration time of 0-100km is only 1.9s, and the super speed exceeds 400km/h. Its production model will be released and delivered to users in 2020, it will limited release 70 units worldwide.

The overall design of the Hongqi S9 concept supercar continues the supercar style, the ground-hugging style is very streamlined, matches aerodynamic kit and a large rear-mounted spoiler, the appearance is bold and innovative and you can’t see any imitation.

The iconic Hongqi brand LOGO runs through the center of the car with a high degree of recognition, the sharp LED headlights are bold and avant-garde. It is worth mentioning that in order to reduce the weight, it is reported that the Hongqi S9 is entirely made of carbon fiber.

The new car uses a brand-new LOGO at the C-pillar and rim, its identity is everywhere.

The tail shape of Hongqi S9 concept supercar is exaggerated, the wide tail is matched with the upper and lower spoiler, the visual effect is very impactful, it also provides strong downforce at high speed, the novel sci-fi LED taillights are another highlight of the new car.

The style of Hongqi S9 concept supercar is unique. The interior uses a large number of carbon fiber materials, with an irregular steering wheel and a large LCD screen, the overall style highlights technology, sports and luxury.

In terms of power, it is powered by a turbocharged V8 engine hybrid system. The maximum output power is up to 1029kW (1379hp), the 0-100km acceleration time is as fast as only 1.9 seconds, the top speed is over 400km/h. Is such data comparable to Bugatti?