All-New Toyota Corolla Launched in China Market, Powered by 1.2T & 1.8L Hybrid, Features 12.1in Display


On August 9, the all-new Toyota Corolla was officially launched in Beijing. The new car launched in China market, it launched total of 8 models of 1.2T/1.8L Hybrid, with price range of 119,800-159,800 yuan (~US$16,965 – US$22,630).

Toyota Corolla China Spec, 1.8L Hybrid

The Toyota Corolla Chinese version is made by the joint venture FAW-Toyota, the new-gen Corolla based on the TNGA architecture also adopts a new design style, the appearance of Chinese version is inherited from the Corolla European sedan version, making it look different from its sibling model of the US version(it is called “Levin” in China, made by GAC-Toyota). The 1.2T fuel version and the 1.8L Hybrid version have no obvious difference in appearance design, both of them have a large-mouth front face similar to the Toyota Camry, with a sharp headlight group, which looks very delicate.

Toyota Corolla China Spec, 1.2T

In terms of size, the all-new Corolla has a length and width of 4635/1780/1455mm and wheelbase of 2700mm, it is almost the same as the European version.

In terms of interior style, the all-new Corolla completely retains the design of the European version, the overall design style is relatively simple. Compared with the outgoing model, the texture has a significant improvement, while paying attention to the shaping of the layering. In addition to the new 8-inch floating central control screen, the new car also offers a 12.1-inch vertical central control screen exclusively for the Chinese market (some models), while the PM2.5 filter system also appeared in the new car.

In terms of configuration, the latest generation of Toyota Safety Sense, 8 airbags become standard on the new car. In addition, safety and convenience configurations such as LED headlights and electronic handbrakes will also appear on different models of the new Corolla in China.

In terms of power, all-new Toyota Corolla offers two sets of power: the 1.2T+CVT and 1.8L Hybrid. Among them, the 1.2T engine has maximum power of 116 ps, and the transmission system only matches the CVT; the Hybrid model is equipped with a hybrid system consisting of a 1.8-liter Atkinson cycle naturally aspirated engine and an electric motor. The system has maximum integrated power of 122 ps. The comprehensive fuel consumption declared value is 4L/100km. All new Corolla meets the CN-6 emission standards.