FAW Released official images of all-new Bestune B70


Recently, FAW Bestune released the official picture of Bestune B70. The new car is featured with an all-new family design and an all-new technical architecture- FMA architecture. It is reported that the new car may be officially listed within this year.

In terms of appearance, the new car is featured with the design language of the so-called “sexy curved surface of the philosophy of light and shadow”. Its polygonal front grille is matched with 74 raindrop-style dots and is combined with the dagger-Axe shaped LED headlights on both sides. The combination of groups makes the new car show a kind of sexy oriental aesthetics.

On the side of the body, Bestune B70 is featured in a slip-back style, and the graceful roofline extends to the rear of the car to form a natural ducktail design. The new car also uses a hidden door handle, with a flat door panel and a straight waistline, showing the slender and straight side shape. At the same time, the waistline creates a small undulation on the C-pillar, which enhances the visual effect of the rear fender, and is matched with 19-inch dense-spoke Y-shaped wheels. The detailed design makes the new car full of power.

In terms of interior configuration and power system, we have not received more exact information, we need to wait for the official announcement. In addition, the new car has been sent to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for declaration, and we speculate that it will most likely be officially released and listed within this year.