FAW Bestune B70S Lists in China, a Rebaged Mazda CX-4?


We learned from the official that FAW Bestune‘s new compact SUV Bestune B70S will be launched today. The new car has already started pre-sale, a total of 7 variants will be launched, and the pre-sale price is 110,900-143,900 yuan(around US$17433 – US$22,621). Bestune B70S is positioned as a compact coupe SUV, known as the “rebadged” version of Mazda CX-4.

Mazda CX-4 is a coupe SUV, but unfortunately it has not become a hit in the Chinese market, anyway, it does not matter, although FAW Mazda and Changan Mazda have merged in the Chinese market, Mazda CX-4 has nothing to do with FAW anymore. However, FAW has complete intellectual property rights for this car. It turned around and used this design on the Bestune. From the newly launched Bestune B70S, you can see many similar deisgn elements of the Mazda CX-4. It should be said that the similarity is very high. In order to distinguish the CX -4, Bestune B70S also has its own unique elements to enhance the appearance of the coupe SUV, it is definitely not feasible to copy everything.

In terms of appearance design, the Bestune B70S adopts a brand-new family design, and its sporty front lip and the dagger-axe-type split headlights all enhance the car’s recognition. In terms of size, Bestune B70S has a length, width and height of 4555/1850/1515mm, a wheelbase of 2750mm and a ground clearance of 180mm.

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In the interior, the Bestune B70S has a dual-screen design for the LCD instrument screen and the central control large screen, Among them, the central control screen has a built-in Bestune D-LIFE 5.2 system, which supports functions such as car navigation, voice control, and vehicle health butler. In terms of safety configuration, the Bestune B70S is equipped with 360-degree panoramic images, L2 automatic driving assistance, traffic jam assistance, lane departure warning system, fully automatic parking and other functions.

It offers two power combination in terms of power, 1.5T and 2.0T gasoline engine, with a maximum power of 169Ps (124kW) and 224Ps (165kW) respectively, and a maximum torque of 258N.m and 340N.m respectively. In terms of transmission system, the engine is matched with a 6-speed manual, a 7-speed wet dual-clutch and a 6-speed AT transmission (2.0T model).