BYD Goes to Europe Market with its flagship SUV BYD Tang EV


Recently, BYD announced its cooperation with RSA, a leading local car dealer group in Norway, and both parties will provide a variety of new energy vehicle products for the local market. This move also signifies that RSA will be BYD’s first exclusive dealer for passenger cars in Europe, responsible for BYD Tang EV local sales agent in Norway, Norway has also become BYD’s first pilot market in the European passenger car sector.

It is understood that BYD and RSA have jointly formulated a complete sales, after-sales and parts service system. In addition to BYD Tang EV, the vehicles sold by RSA also involve a variety of pure electric commercial models, including 2.6-ton vans, 7.5-ton light trucks, 19-ton heavy truck and pure electric port tractor as a special vehicle.

At present, BYD has sold pure electric buses and coaches in many European countries including the United Kingdom, and Norway, as the country with the highest share of new energy vehicles in Europe, has become one of BYD’s target countries to enter Europe. It is reported that the Norwegian government has promulgated some subsidy policies to encourage the sales and purchase of new energy models, such as lowering import tariffs on automobiles and registration and sales taxes for consumers to purchase electric vehicles, and the charging facilities in Norway are relatively complete. some.

BYD 19-ton van

He Yipeng, general manager of BYD Europe Co., Ltd. said: “In terms of the popularity of electric vehicles and the improvement of the charging network, Norway has a unique advantage and has become one of the fastest-growing markets for electric vehicles in Europe. As the first stop in expanding the new energy passenger vehicle layout, we will pay close attention to the performance of the Norwegian market. In the long run, we hope that BYD’s passenger cars can be sold to other European countries than Norway. We are also confident that BYD Tang EV will rely on its unique appearance, good battery range and strong product performance to attract European customers. “