Lixiang’s Pure EV X01 is About to Launch in 2022, More Spy Images Leaked


Recently, Lixiang Auto stated at the 2021 third quarter financial report that its X01 model will be launched in the second quarter of 2022 and will begin delivery in the third quarter. In addition, the 2021 Lixiang ONE will release its NOA function in December, and has already completed more than 1 million kilometers of road testing.

Judging from the suspected spy photos, the Lixiang X01’s body size has a larger increase than the Lixiang ONE, it will be a full-size SUV. The front face of the new car is a closed grille design, which means it will be the first pure electric model from this brand. In addition, the new car will also be equipped with hidden door handles and a large vertical screen design.

Regarding the high-power charging (HPC) BEV product plan, Shen Yanan said, “In addition to the smooth progress of the 4C battery optimization, the air-conditioning system of the new product has also been improved. In addition, we have also made a lot of progress in high-power charging facilities. As for the timing of the new product launch, we are still advancing according to the plan to launch the first HPC BEV in the second half of 2023.”

Lixiang ONE

The NOA function will be released in December, and the test of more than 1 million kilometers has been completed. Starting from the 2021 Lixiang ONE, NOA functions are standard, making the OTA push in December the largest NOA launch event in China.

Regarding the research and development of autonomous driving, Wang Kai, CTO of Lixiang Auto, said that compared with other technologies, we believe that ADAS technology will ultimately fall on the user experience to achieve a good autonomous driving experience. We also explained at the meeting last quarter that we need a lot of data to train, optimize the algorithm, and make it smarter. Therefore, we can speed up development and improve user experience faster than our competitors.

In addition, Lixiang is advancing the goal of reaching 200 retail stores by the end of the year and covering approximately 100 cities as planned in China. It is planned to double the number of retail stores to 400 in 2022.