Lixiang’s full-size SUV Lixiang X01 spied!


A few days ago, a Chinese news website leaked the spy shots of the upcoming SUV from Lixiang Auto. The new SUV will be named as Lixiang X01 and will be a full-sized luxury SUV that will be debuting in early 2022. Earlier, Lixiang has announced its plan of automating the upcoming SUV. So, it will be equipped with all the necessary Hardware required for Level 4 of autonomous driving. Since this is a test car, you can see that not many details are revealed on the exterior. You can also see a Lixiang One near to the upcoming SUV in the spied picture. Compared to the Lixiang One, the new forthcoming Lixiang X01 SUV is much more significant in body size.

We expect that Lixiang will follow the design of Lixiang One in the upcoming Lixiang X01 SUV. There are some reports which suggests that the Lixiang X01 will follow the square body shape and the LED headlights seen on the Lixiang One. But these reports also mentions that the air-intake grill would be removed from the upcoming SUV. Instead, the area below headlights will be reserved for inserting the LIDAR sensor. A few other reports mentions that the forthcoming full-size SUV will be coming with a 1.5L turbo four-cylinder miller cycle engine which means that the new SUV is a hybrid one.

Lixiang X01

The maximum output that the vehicle can produce would be 331KW (450 HP), and the torque figure is around 650 NM. Since this is a hybrid, it comes with a battery pack of 44.5kWh. The pure electric range of the vehicle is around 200 KM based on CLTC (China Light-Duty Vehicle Test Cycle), itt also comes with a fuel tank capacity of 65L, the total range would be around 800 KM based on WLTC (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Cycles).

Lixiang Auto is currently developing a new platform called X. This new platform will be launched by 2022, and the upcoming SUV will be built on the same platform, which equipped with a new-generation extended-range power system. In addition, Lixiang is also developing high-voltage pure electric vehicle technology, including two high-voltage pure electric vehicle platforms Whale and Shark. Beginning in 2023, Lixiang plans to launch at least two high-voltage pure electric models every year.

The Lixiang One has managed to increase sales numbers each and every month. Lixiang will be listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and it will help the brand to take advantage from two main stock market. It will be an excellent step for future developments of the brand. Also, there are reports that suggests Lixiang is all set to bring its new premium full-size SUV in the upcoming year, and it will rival BMW X7, Mercedes-Benz GLS, Audi Q7, and other models. Stay tuned with us for more Chinese car news like these. Tap here to read about Chinese EV news.