HiPhi Europe’s first experience center opens in Munich


The first overseas experience center of HiPhi has officially opened in Munich, Germany, this Chinese EV brand owned by Human Horizons makes an important step forward in HiPhi’s global strategy.

The experience center is located in the central area of the ground level terminal street at Munich International Airport in Germany, integrating product experience, brand sharing, and user co creation.

Previously, Human Horizons had announced prices of HiPhi X and HiPhi Z in Europe and officially started selling in Germany and Norway.

Among them, in the German market, the starting price of HiPhi X is 109,000 euros, and the starting price of HiPhi Z is 105,000 euros;

In the Norwegian market, the starting price for HiPhi X is 1,164,000 kroner, while the starting price for HiPhi Z is 1,110,000 kroner.

The second European High Tech Experience Center located in Oslo, Norway will soon open, and the overall preparation work has come to an end. In the next few years, Human Horizons plans to gradually increase the number of experience centers in Europe, serving more European users.