China EV Startup Human Horizons Released High-End EV Brand HiPhi and HiPhi 1 – The First Production-Ready Pure EV


On July 31, Human Horizons, a Chinese EV startup held a “Launch of The New Era For Vehicles” conference in Shanghai, it officially released its new luxury intelligent pure electric brand and logo – HiPhi (Chinese: “高合”, Gao He). At the same time, Human Horizons debuted its first mass production-ready prototype HiPhi 1, the new car positioning in intelligent pure EV supercar SUV.

The brand & badge:

The production vehicle for this new car will be officially launched in December this year, it will be trial-produced at Dongfeng-Yueda-KIA next year, HiPhi 1 will be available for sale as soon as 2021.

HiPhi 1 has outstanding capability to connect between cars, roads and cities. It has more than five hundred sensors, and will be the first production car with a 5G-V2X enabled communication network.

HiPhi 1 can evolve with its adaptability and self-learning algorithms. Through comprehensive perception and multi-dimensional understanding of users’ habits, personalized solutions such as range management can be realized, creating a harmony between users, vehicles and the environment.

In addition, HiPhi 1 achieves maximum passenger room with minimum powertrain package by fully utilising the BOB, Body On Board architecture. It has the world’s first NT Doors giving users an original unparalleled sense of occasion. The first combination of programmable, light processing headlights and Intelligent Signal Display (ISD) provide an unprecedented interactive experience. The world’s first design of asymmetric instrument panel and premium six-seater layout will bring unrivalled levels of comfort and luxury. HiPhi 1 will be one of the world’s leaders offering L3 autonomous driving at launch which is supported by redundancy in all key safety-related systems.

This is the introduction of HiPhi 1 from official website:

In details:

The appearance of the new car is streamlined, with a body length of 5.2m and width of 2m. The whole vehicle is covered with a lot of dynamic lines, it is equipped with very high-tech light groups, which gives a strong visual impact. The front face has no grille which is conventionally used in pure electric vehicles, the front headlight groups and the middle long strip light strip are connected to form a bar-style light group.

Light effects:

It is reported that this “DLP intelligent interactive projection headlight” lamp group is very advanced, far beyond the current LED headlights on current market, with programmable intelligent interactive digital projection headlight technology, it can project text, various patterns such as zebra crossings enable pixel-level control and user-defined, it can also enhance driving assistance functions with automatic driving, it can create rich usage scenarios with more than 20 internal or external interaction functions.

Two ISD interactive displays are used to replace the traditional fog lights under the headlight group. By editing, multiple sets of patterns can be displayed on it.

Doors & Seats:

The door is another highlight of the HiPhi 1. It canceled the traditional door handle instead of a door control system called “No Touch”, occupants can unlock the door by face recognition, mobile phone or physical keys. The ways to open and close the door is also varied, quite trendy, open in the opposite direction, or a gull-wing door, the official said that this setting allows users to enter and exit the car more easily and comfortably, it can experience a full sense of luxury when entering and leaving, the door also has sensors that automatically recognizes whether the environment is suitable for opening the door.

The design layout of the interior is in line with our understanding of the future pure electric car models. The center console consists of three LCD touch screens, which are 15 inches, 16.9 inches and 20 inches from left to right. The position of the co-driver is “IP forward design”, that is, the screen of the co-driver position is even more frontward. The official said that the design for “Goddess seat“, “Goddess” experience in the co-driver would be excellent. Streaming media rearview mirrors, 360 panoramic cameras, electronic rear view mirrors, front and rear door panel touch screens are also appearing in the interior of HiPhi 1.

In addition, a smart touch panel is also used on the steering wheel. Combined with the electronic exterior mirror + streaming media rear view mirror, nine-screen linkage can be realized.

The new car adopts 6-seat layout (2+2+2). The first and second rows seats have ventilation, heating and massage functions, the second row of seats can be adjusted in six directions, supporting multiple combinations of vertical and horizontal.

Cool tech:

Huan Horizons said that HiPhi 1 is equipped with six computing platforms (MPU, Micro Processing Unit), which can realize massive information analysis and decision-making. More than 500 sensors are deployed, and the 5G+V2X communication network is standard. Through road-side sensing, cloud scheduling, and vehicle-side control, it will become the world’s first mass-produced car with coordinated vehicles.

HiPhi 1 introduces the world’s first Human Oriented Architecture (HOA), which is self-adaptive and learning to create diversified solutions that will enhance the user experience. Its “neural network” consists of 4 “super brain” domain controllers and 6 computing platforms (MPU, Micro Processing Unit), connected by 1G Ethernet providing a higher transmission rate than traditional CAN networks. The vehicle is able to analyze massive amounts of information and make decisions, utilizing cloud computing with a powerful data analysis engine, to build a truly intelligent and smart vehicle.

HiPhi 1 will be one of the world’s leaders offering L3 autonomous driving at launch which is supported by redundancy in all key safety-related systems.

Introduction of HiPhi 1 from official site:

At the press conference, the performance parameters of HiPhi 1 officially announced by the Human Horizons are also eye-catching. The car uses dual motor (front and rear) layout, the maximum power of the front/rear motor is 200kW (268hp), the official declare the 0-100km/h acceleration time is only 3.9s, the cruising range will be over 372miles(600 km). In addition, HiPhi 1 is also equipped with four-wheel steering, smart air suspension and other technologies, which makes the vehicle dynamic performance even better.

We are very exciting to expect the true production model of this advanced pure SUV!