Chery’s all-new sedan leaks with spy photos or debut on 2022 Beijing Auto Show


We learned the latest spy photos of Chery’s new sedan from relevant sources. The car will be officially unveiled at the 2022 Beijing Auto Show and is expected to be officially launched in the second quarter. The price range may be between 100,000 and 150,000 yuan (~US$15,830 – US$23,745). According to previous news, the new car is code-named M1E, larger in size than Chery Arrizo 7, and still positioned as a compact car.

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From the spy photos, although the new car is still wrapped in heavy camouflage, it can still be seen that it adopts a new design style. The front face is suspected to have a bar-type design, and the grille is generally decorated with honeycombs. The headlights on both sides are long and narrow, which looks sharp.

The large-angle slip-back shape at the rear of the new car is very eye-catching, and with the rising waistline, it is full of sports. The design of the rear side is relatively simple, and the triangular taillights on both sides echo the headlights. At the same time, it is not ruled out that the new car will adopt the design of bar-type taillights.

In terms of power, according to the news, the normal version will have a 1.6TGDI engine, and a sports version will be planned later, which is planned to match the 2.0TGDI engine.