Chery Arrizo GX Has a New Version, The Chery Arrizo GX Champion Edition is Powered by 1.5L


Today, Chery Auto just launched a new version based on the sedan Arrizo GX in Nanjing China, it named Arrizo GX Champion Edition, with a price range of 75,900-91,900 yuan (~US10,703 – US$12,960). Arrizo GX Champion Edition adds the red embellishment to highlights the sporty and younger position of the car. It is powered by a power combination of 1.5L+CVT from the Arrizo 5 Pro but not the 1.5T from Arrizo GX, so Arrizo GX Champion Edition is actually positioned below Arrizo GX.

In terms of appearance, the overall design of Arrizo GX Champion Edition is based on the Arrizo GX. The biggest feature of the Champion Edition is the addition of red and gray two-tone body color. The red decorative strips are mainly reflected in the hood, around the daytime running lights, front and rear bumpers, etc., while the taillights are also blackened, further enhancing the sporty visual effect.

In terms of body size, Arrizo GX Champion Edition has the same size as the Arrizo GX, the length, width and height are 4710/1825/1490mm and wheelbase of 2670mm.

At the rear part, the design of the rear end echoes the front end. It is also stepped and has chrome trims on both sides for added visual width. The taillight shape also continues the Chery family style design, the internal LED light source is more three-dimensional.

In terms of interior, the overall design is basically the same as the Arrizo GX, but the Champion Edition adds a black and red interior color scheme. Red stitching has also been added to the seats, which enhance the sporty feeling. In addition, the Champion Edition comes standard with an 8-inch LCD touch screen and a multi-function leather steering wheel.

Unfortunately, as an “sports” car, the Champion Edition doesn’t use the 1.5T eigne that is powered on Arrizo GX, instead, it is powered by a 1.5L aspirated engine, the 1.5L engine generates 85kW (114hp) and peak torque of 143N.m, matching a CVT geargox.

About Chery Arrizo GX

As a new compact sedan from Chery Automobile, the Arrizo GX was officially launched in October 2018, compared with Chery’s other sedan models, the Arrizo GX incorporates the dynamic elements that consumers prefer today, making Arrizo GX more fashionable. Arriz GX has achieved good market performance in China after listed. In terms of sales volume, in previous 8 months of this year, Arrizo GX sold total of 38,000 units. Followed by, Chery launched the Arrizo GX Pro and the Champion version.