CHERY Released All-new iCAR & STERRA Brand Eyeing EV Market


On April 7, Chery announced strategic plan for new energy layout at the New Energy Night held in Beijing Water Cube. The new brand matrix will comprehensively accelerate the transformation of new energy; More than 100 billion yuan, more than 300 Yaoguang laboratories will be built, and more than 20,000 R&D personnel will continue to cultivate the core competitiveness of the four major technical fields (Mars Architecture, Kunpeng Power, Lion Intelligent Cloud 6.0, Galactic Ecosystems); the 3rd-gen super hybrid technology will be applied to Chery Group’s multi-brand products, and the technology will be fully empowered; at the same time, the all-new new energy brand iCAR and STERRA (under EXEED) is released.

Chery Group has three brands: Chery, EXEED, and JETOUR. The iCar will operate as an all-new brand focusing on intelligence and young consumers, and the STERRA will be the new energy brand under EXEED.

All New Brand – STERRA

As a new product series under the EXEED brand, STERRA, the two new cars ES and ET released this time are both produced on the new EOX high-performance platform, which can cover compact to medium and large cars, SUVs as well as MPV, in addition to pure electric models, there will also be extended-range models.


STERRA power system will be available in both pure electric and extended range. The product naming method will be composed of STERRA + English letters. The first pure electric car (E03) will be named STERRA ES, which is an mid-to-large sedan, and the first pure electric SUV (E0Y) will be named STERRA ET, which is a mid-sized SUV, and two new models also made their debut at this press conference.

EOX High-Performance Platform

The EOX high-performance platform supports 800V high-voltage overcharging, and the suspension part supports the front double wishbone + rear multi-link structure, it also supports air suspension, rear wheel steering and other configurations that serve the driving experience; the battery life can reach up to 700km, 0-100km/h acceleration is less than 3 seconds, the first model (expected to be STERRA ES) will be put on the market in the fourth quarter of this year.


STERRA ES is positioned as a medium-to-large pure electric sedan, with a length of about 4.95 meters, a wheelbase of about 2.9 meters, and a width of about 1.96 meters; STERRA ET is positioned as a medium-sized pure electric SUV.

It is worth mentioning that pure electric high-performance platform models will use Chery NP2.0 technology battery packs, which will provide 60kWh, 82kWh, and 100kWh versions according to different models, covering different cruising ranges of 500-700km, and the fastest charging efficiency can reach 150km of cruising range can be charged in 5 minutes.

Kunpeng super performance hybrid C-DM related models

Kunpeng super-performance electric hybrid C-DM (Chery Dual Mode) was officially released. At the same time, Chery Tiggo 9 C-DM, Chery TJ-1 C-DM, Yaoguang C-DM and Jetour Traveler (code name:T-1) C-DM models also made their debut. It will be launched successively in 2023-2024. The new car will be equipped with a hybrid system consisting of a hybrid-specific engine and a 3-speed DHT gearbox.

JETOUR Traveler C-DM

In terms of vehicle types, it covers compact to medium-sized sedan/SUV and MPV, five-seater, six-seater, seven-seater and other models. In terms of total power combination, it covers 1.5T to 2.0T hybrid special engines, and the fifth-generation ACTECO 1.5TGDI high-efficiency hybrid special engine adopting the Miller cycle can reach 115kW, and the maximum torque is 220N·m. Equipped with the fourth-generation i-HEC intelligent combustion system, HTC high-efficiency supercharging system, i-LS intelligent lubrication system, i-HTM intelligent thermal management system, HiDS high dilution system, the highest combustion efficiency is 44.5%; dual motor models will Matched with a 3-speed DHT (Dedicated Hybrid Transmission) gearbox.


At the same time, the super hybrid drive technology also supports the four-wheel drive control system. The four-wheel drive model can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in only 4.26 seconds, with a pure electric range of 165km, fuel consumption of 4.2L/100km, and a comprehensive cruising range of more than 1400km. In the future, more than 25 models will be equipped with C-DM hybrid technology.

Mars architecture

It includes an electronic and physical platform architecture with constantly evolving software and hardware capabilities, EEA5.0 electronic and electrical architecture, and Chery-OS chips, both of which lay a quality foundation for the development of high-end new energy vehicles in driving quality, user experience, and intelligent capabilities .

Lion Intelligent Cloud 6.0

Lion Intelligent Cloud 6.0 is a collection of smart cockpit and smart driving systems. Currently, some new cars on sale have been equipped with Lion Intelligent Cloud 5.0 for the cockpit. More future models based on the E0X platform will be equipped with updated Lion Intelligent Cloud 6.0; and some coming new cars with intelligent driving will be upgraded to Chery Pilot 4.0.

Galactic Ecosystems

Galactic Ecosystems is a software ecology serving interactive experience, which means “1+3+N” – 1 car + 3 technologies (smart cloud platform, smart data, smart upgrade) + N smart partners.

New brand iCAR:

At this press conference, iCAR, the first independent new energy electric brand, was officially released. It will come for independent/self-created/free chasing young people, covering cars, SUVs and other products, and providing intelligent solutions for system scenarios. On April 16th, iCAR will hold a brand press conference on the eve of the Shanghai Auto Show, at which time more brand information will be announced, and its first model iCAR S56 will also make its debut.