Chery OMODA EV Appears at the Geneva Auto Show


At the 2023 Geneva Auto Show, Chery OMODA EV was officially released. OMODA EV is positioned as a pure electric compact SUV with a completely redesigned front face. The car has already been taken offline and is expected to be officially launched within the year.

From an external perspective, as a pure electric vehicle model, the front face of the new car has been redesigned, and the biggest difference from the fuel version is the fake grille. The new car’s logo has been replaced with the OMODA letter badge, without the Chery logo, and the lower bumper design is also more rounded. The headlights still adopt the same split type design as the fuel version, which looks relatively young and fashionable.

The difference between the rear of the car and the fuel version is not significant, and the Y-shaped bar-type tail light design is still adopted. The rear of the car is adorned with silver bar decoration, which further enhances the sporty feel in conjunction with the spoiler on the roof. In addition, the new car adopts a brand new wheel rim design, which will help reduce wind resistance and increase range.

The interior of the new car basically follows the design of the fuel version. The 12.3-inch dual-screens not only enhance the sense of technology, but also help reduce the number of physical buttons used, giving the center console a somewhat minimalist aesthetic. It is worth mentioning that the new car still retains a mechanical gear lever design, instead of using the commonly used gear shift or knob shift mechanism on new energy vehicles.

In terms of power, OMODA EV adopts a single motor drive, with a maximum power of 150kW, a peak torque of 350N · m, a pure electric range of 550km, and an acceleration time of 7.5s from 0-100km/h.