Chery Engine Review & Introduction, Including Acteco 1.5L, 1.5T, 1.6L, 2.0L and 1.0L


Chery ACTECO Engine Evolution

Chery ACTECO series engine can be regarded as China’s first forward-developed engine series. It represents that the Chinese brand has truly car engine technology since then. The entire engine product line is planned from 0.8L to 4.2L, all support Euro IV emission standard.

Chery ACTECO engine has been developed to the third generation, it is currently marching towards the fourth generation.

The first generation of Chery ACTECO engine technology highlights are mainly focused on VVT( variable valve timing), the final mass production includes 0.8L, 1.0L, 1.5L, 1.8L and 2.0L naturally aspirated engines.
Since 2009, Chery’s second-generation ACTECO engine series has been officially launched into the market. The main product is the 1.5T turbocharged engine. Its highlights are keeping up with the trend of the times: the intake and exhaust dual VVT + turbocharge, giving the second-generation ACTECO engine an overall improvement in power, economy and emissions.

Technical parameter of SQR4J16 (click to zoom out)

The third generation is the 1.6T engine (F4J16) that has just been launched. In the future, there will be 1.6T high-power version, 2.0T four-cylinder and 1.2T three-cylinder engine products. Max. Power reaches 140kW/5500rpm, Max. Torque is 275N.m/2000-4000rpm, test thermal efficiency is higher than 37.1%, 1.6T engine will be installed in Chery EXEED TX models, the third generation ACTECO engine will support 48V mild hybrid and P2 PHEV system.

1.5T Turbocharged Engine Introduction & Review (SQRE4T15, SQRE4T15B, SQRE4T15C)

There are currently 4 types of 1.5T engines: SQRE4T15, SQRE4T15A (currently Chery called both 4T15 and 4T15A as 4T15), SQRE4T15B and SQRE4T15C.

SQRE4T15 matches NEW Tiggo 5, SQRE4T15B mathes Tiggo 7, New Tiggo 4(Tiggo 5X in China), Tiggo 4 (Tiggo 5X 2017 model) and Arrizo 6

SQRE4T15 – New Tiggo 5

Among them, SQRE4T15 engine was carried on the old Arrizo 7 and Tiggo 5 models, new Arrizo 7 MT, new Tiggo 5 (5MT+CVT) and new Tiggo 7 1.5T MT use SQRE4T15A (but the nameplate is still the same 4T15) , the performance parameters of 4T15A is the same as that of 4T15. The only difference is that the 4T15 engine uses paper oil filter, while the 4T15A changes to metal oil filter.

Maximum power of SQRE4T15 engine is 112 kW/5500rpm, maximum torque is 205 N.m/2000rpm-4000rpm.

SQRE4T15B – Tiggo 7, New Tiggo 4, Tiggo 4, Arrizo 6

Maximum power of SQRE4T15B is 108kW/5500rpm, maximum torque is 210N.m/1750rpm-4000rpm. Although the performance of 4T15B is not outstanding from the book parameters, even compared to the old type 4T15, there is a certain degree of attenuation in maximum power, but 4T15B advances the turbocharged intervention point and the maximum torque output peak, it focuses on producing high torque in low speed. Therefore, in urban conditions, the performance of 4T15B is better than 4T15.

In the future, Chery’s engines will be developed around the characteristics of high torque in low speed.

Technical parameter of SQRE4G15C engine (click to zoom out)

SQRE4T15C is the latest ACTECO engine, it integrates with DOHC,16 Valves, TCI, integrated Air Manifold including WCAC, Timing Silent Chain, DVVT, the Max. power of SQRE4T15C is 180kW/5500rpm, Max. torque is 210N.m/1750-4000rpm. SQRE4T15C is currently Chery’s only one and the only turbocharged model in Chinese car brand that can reach China-VI(CN6) emission standard.

Chery 2.0L Engine Introduction & Review (SQR484F, SQRD4G20)

SQR484F – New Tiggo 4, New Tiggo 3

Chery 2.0L SQR484F engine is mainly used on NEW TIGGO 4 (TIGGO 5X in China market), NEW TIGGO 3

The SQR484F engine is developed by Chery and AVL, it is the first generation ACTECO engines. The basic structure is DOHC with 4 valves per cylinder, cylinder diameter is 83.5mm. The main features are: vertical, water-cooled, four-stroke, double overhead camshaft, VVT, the engine outputs maximum power of 95 kW at 5750rpm and peak torque 180 N.m at 4300rpm. It can generate 155N.m torque at 2000 rpm, easily reaching 90% of its peak torque. SQR484F was once the China’s best top 10 engine in 2006

The current mass production SQR484F engine is improved, VVT technology is added. Therefore, the mass-produced SQR484F engine is actually “SQR484F VVT” with maximum power of 102kW/5750rpm, maximum torque 180N.m/4500rpm.

SQRD4G20 – Tiggo 4
SQRD4G20 engine parameter and performance curve (zoom out to check more details)

SQRD4G20 engine is the upgraded version of SQR484F, the intake manifold has been changed from metal to resin material. The maximum power is adjusted from 102kW/5750rpm to 90kW/5500rpm, peak torque is adjusted from 182N.m/4500rpm to 180N.m/4000rpm. You may wonder why the power is even decreased since it is upgraded? You may find that rpm is 500 lower than SQR484F at peak torque if you compare the parameters carefully, and the rotation rate is 250rpm lower than SQR484F on maximum power, this trade-off is to optimize the dynamic response of the engine in the low speed range.

The cylinder head of SQRD4G20 is made of aluminum alloy, plus CVVT technology that it’s not available on SQR484F, but it does not use the direct injection technology.

Chery 1.5L Engine Introduction & Review (SQR477F, SQRD4G15, SQRD4G15B, SQRE4G15B)

SQR477F – Fulwin2 FL, Fulwin2 FL HB

SQR477F is carried on Fulwin2 FL and Fulwin 2 FL HB

The SQR477F engine is the first-generation of Chery ACTECO engine. SQR477F engine uses vertical, in-line four-cylinder, water-cooled, four-stroke, single overhead camshaft(SOHC), Multiple Injection Electric Control System(MPI).

SQR477F is characterized by high torque in low-speed, fast start-up and good fuel economy, which is very suitable for urban commuting. However, the disadvantage of this engine is that it has a moderate power in high speed and high noise while running in high speed, so it is not suitable for long distance running.

SQRD4G15 – Arrizo 3

SQRD4G15 engine is used on Arrizo 3.

SQRD4G15 is the upgrade of SQR477F, it is SOHC, anyway it doesn’t change too much except rocker roller arm(RRA), thin piston rings and new swirl intake port, the total efficiency can be increased by 3~5%.

SQRD4G15B – Tiggo 2

SQRD4G15B engine is used on TIGGO 2 (TIGGO 3X in China).

SQRD4G15B is the upgrade version of SQRD4G15, the Max. power is adjusted from 80kW/6000rpm to 78kW/6000 rpm, maximum torque is adjusted from 40N.m/4500rpm to 135N.m/2750rpm, and VVT-I and DIS direct ignition system are added on 4G15B, the peak torque outputs at 2750rpm, what is more, the engine will reach the other peak torque at 4500rpm.

The Coil-on-plug Ignition of SQRD4G15B engine on Tiggo2 (Tiggo 3X in China)


ARRIZO 5 carries SQRE4G15B engine. Unlike SQRD4G15B, the main features of SQRE4G15B are DOHC, DVVT, Timing Silent Chain and VIS. The maximum power is 85kW/6150rpm, peak torque is 141Nm/3800rpm. SQRE4G15B engine further enhances the thermal efficiency by the application of the integrated cylinder head exhaust pipe. Official said that SQRD4G15B engine has a thermal efficiency of 37.1%.

SQRE4G15B is mainly carried on ARRIZO 5, matching MT or CVT transmission, energetic power performance, acceleration is fast and stable. the power performance will be stronger at 2,500 rpm, rotation rate reaches to 3000 rpm at 100 km/h and 3500 rpm at 120 km/h.

SQRE4G15C engine porformance curve (click to zoom out)

SQRE4G15C is the latest Chery’s engine, the main features are:
Type L4,DOHC,16 Valves,Timing Silent Chain, DVVT,VIS. Max. power is 83kW/6150rpm, Max. torque is 138N.m/3800rpm, it meet the China VI (CN-6) emission standard. it also integrates with 48V mild hybrid system.

Chery 1.0L engine introduction (SQR371F)

SQR371F engine is currently carried on Chery New QQ model.

The SQR371F is a three-cylinder engine with maximum power of 51kW/6000rpm and maximum torque of 93N.m/3500-4500rpm, data is not bad. Moreover, 18 techniques such as timing chain, crankshaft torsion damping, reverse ignition sequence, and direct ignition are used. Although it is a second-generation engine, technical starting level is not high, which may cause most people to doubt its true attributes, in fact, the engine currently listed doesn’t use DVVT technology.

Chery 1.6L Engine SQRE4G16 Introduction

SQRE4G16 engine performance curve

SQRE4G16 is currently carried on Chery NEW TIGGO 3, ARRIZO 7.

SQRE4G16 is China’s top 10 engine in 2011, it is the 2nd generation ACTECO engine with DVVT tech. Although the technology of this engine does not reach the technical level of the world’s top engines, Chery’s engine research and development has greatly improved the overall level on SQRE4G16. The advantage of DVVT is fuel consumption, SQRE4G16 has also variable intake manifold technology, it makes the engine burst high torque in low speed, improving engine economy and power.

Chery 1.6TGDI Engine F4J16 Review

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