Chery 1.6TGDI Engine F4J16 Review


F4J16 – The 3rd ACTECO engine from Chery Auto

The ACTECO series engine is an engine brand developed by Chery in cooperation with AVL, one of the world’s three largest internal combustion engine research and development companies. It has been concerned since the first generation. Chery 1.6T engine is used as the third generation with more advanced technology.

Chery F4J16 Engine

The main feature of Chery F4J16 engine:

Lightweight Technology – all-aluminum alloy on the cylinder, die-casting technology, large number of integrated designs, weight is reduced by 12 kg

Intake manifold optimization – to effectively improve fuel efficiency

Integrated exhaust manifold – thermal insulation, allows the engine to quickly reach its optimum operating temperature during cold start.

Electronic thermostat – adjust the water temperature more accurately

DVVT – dual variable valve timing for intake and exhaust

Chery’s 1.6T engine has a thermal efficiency of 37.1% through the combination of the above various optimizations, it also meets the CHINA VI-B(CN-6B) emission standards.

Chery F4J16 engine parameter and performance curve

This engine is the Chery F4J16 model. There are two version of Chery F4J16 engine, normal version (F4J16) and high-performance version(engine code: F4J16B), first of all, the power of Chery F4J16 1.6T normal engine is 140kW (190PS), the peak torque is 275 Nm. The max. power of the high-performance version (F4J16B) comes to 160kW, peak torque reaches 320N.m. Parameters are very eye-catching, its efficiency can be matched by many other 2.0T engines such as Mercedes-Benz GLA2.0T, BMW X1 2.0T, Audi Q3 2.0T, the power output is only 190PS, peak torque of 300 Nm.

We listed some of the some similar engines from other brands, from the parameter we can see Chery 1.6T engine is better than other brand.

Finally, the solution to the engine noise problem. Noise reduction booster, silent timing chain, integrated exhaust manifold and other components, effectively reducing noise and interference to the cockpit.

In terms of power, Chery 1.6T engine is comparable to Benz, Audi or BMW 2.0T engine and easily “crushes” Honda 1.5T engine. Overall, Chery 1.6T engine is comparable to Honda 1.5T Earth Dream engine, but there is still a big gap, as Honda’s 1.5T engine has been on the market for many years, it has withstood the test of the market and the recognition of consumers. At present, Chery 1.6T engine is not yet available to consumers in large quantities. We are still unclear about the stability of the engine. What you think about this engine?