VW’s New SUV is Accused of Copying BYD? No! Because BYD Got VW’s Egger Design Team


Last year, a set of test photos of BYD Tang DM by Volkswagen Group executives attracted a lot of media’s attention. Some media guessed the driver inside the BYD Tang is the former chairman of Volkswagen Group Management Committee, Volkswagen CEO Matthias Müller, the co-pilot sits in the Volkswagen Group (China) President and CEO Prof. Dr. Jochem Heizmann, the photos revealed in Internet is because the BYD Tang was over speed, photos were taken at a section near the Shanghai Airport.

Many netizens have ridiculed that Volkswagen was coming to China to learn from them. Sure enough, at 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, we saw BYD’s design language and appeared on the Volkswagen concept SUV.

As the prototype of FAW-Volkswagen’s flagship SUV in the future, the taillights of SMV Concept car are strikingly consistent with BYD Song’s design, it also used the illuminated badge, becoming the second car brand using illuminated badge after BYD. However, for the case of Volkswagen SMV Concept car “copied” BYD Song Pro, the big probability is because BYD has dug away the Volkswagen Group’s Egger (Wolfgang Josef Egger) design team, so it cant say that VW copy BYD.


In the past few years, in the process of rapid development of Chinese independent vehicle brands, the labeling of the copycat and plagiarism was consistently placed on the Chinese independent brand. However, in recent years, the Chinese independent brands represented by BYD, Geely, Great Wall Motor(GWM) and GAC have fully demonstrated the unique design language on their own models.

In fact, in addition to BYD Tang DM, as early as 2017, a SEAT Arona SUV exposure, eye-catching netizens immediately found the similarity between this car and BYD Song.

In addition to BYD, Geely, GAC-Trumpchi, and the Great Wall Motor can be represented on behalf of China. From the new energy vehicle Geely Jihe to GAC Aion S, these are undoubtedly ones of the top design level in China and the global new energy vehicle market.

In the field of fuel vehicles, Geely’s upcoming Xingyue, Borui GE, and GWM WEY brands, as well as the Haval F series, the overall design language has completely been in similar level with the joint venture brand.