This is BYD e3 Declaration Images Exposed by China MIIT


The official website of CHINA MIIT announced the declaration images of a new BYD model. From the rear label, the car should be a new model from the BYD e-platform – BYD e3; according to the information displayed by MIIT, the new car will be powered by drive motor with maximum power of 100kW (136ps).

From the appearance, the new car adopts the brand-new family design of BYD e-platform; BYD e2 is a hatchback, and BYD e3 is a sedan version, both two cars have very similar design languages. BYD e3 is not a series of dynasty models, but the front face still has the shadow of “Dragon Face” design, the large-size hexagonal grille and the sharp headlights make the front face powerful.

BYD e2 features a black roof and black A, B, and C pillar to create a floating roof effect, but according to the photo of MIIT, this did not appear on BYD e3. However, the rear end of BYD e3 is also highly similar to BYD e2, such as bar-type taillights, trapezoidal license plate areas, and so on. According to the information released by MIIT, the length, width and height of the BYD e3 are 4,450/1760/1520 mm and wheelbase is 2610 mm. In terms of power, the new car is powered by a motor with maximum power of 100 kW (136 ps), but the battery capacity and range information are not known.