BYD Released All-New EV BYD e2, an Entry-level Compact Hatchback Crossover


At the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, BYD officially released all-new EV hatchback BYD e2. The BYD e2 is positioned as an entry-level compact hatchback crossover. BYD e2 is that continues the “Dragon Face” family design. It is mainly used by young consumers, so it adopts a young, sporty and fashionable design.

In the design details, BYD e2 is very beautiful, in addition to the Dragon Face front face debuted at 2019 Shanghai auto show, the front face of the new car adopts a hexagonal large front grille, the dot matrix is particularly outstanding, decorating with a combination of sharp-edged LED headlights on both sides and an exaggerated L-shaped air intake. The unforgettable rear-end through-type taillights, it has a variety of color and pattern body coating options, the tail has an arrow-shaped black painted version, which is very sporty and fashionable.

The body side is quite compact, the A-pillar is blackened with a black roof to create a strong sporting sense. The skirt is decorated with black, which echoes the roof. The shape of the multi-spoke hub also shows a sense of power, and the roof is equipped with a silver luggage rack.

In terms of size, BYD e2 goes 4,240/1,760/1,530 mm with a wheelbase of 2610 mm, it is a small hatchback. It will be powered by the electric motor with maximum power of 94 horsepower, according to the badge “EV360” on the tail, range of BYD e2 is expected to be up to 186miles(300km).