BYD released e4 power system supporting float-on-the-water tech


BYD e4 power system (Chinese “易四方“) is a set of power systems with four independent E-motors as the core. It has been comprehensively reconstructed around the characteristics of new energy vehicles from the three dimensions of perception, decision-making, and execution, completely subverting the power system capability system of previous fuel vehicles. It can realize the precise control of vehicle four-wheel dynamics by virtue of four-motor independent vector control technology.

The body stability control of traditional fuel vehicles is limited by its era and technological development. The perception speed and accuracy are far from the ultimate safety. There are problems at the execution level such as slow response, low efficiency, low power, and low degree of four-wheel differentiation. Compared with the traditional fuel vehicle power system, the e4 technology can independently adjust the dynamics of the vehicle’s four-wheel dynamics at a millisecond speed through a more perceptive electric drive system, so as to better control the body posture.

Thanks to the above-mentioned technical achievements, the e4 technology can provide users with greater safety redundancy. For example, after a single wheel of the vehicle is burst, the torque of the remaining three wheels can be precisely adjusted at a frequency of 1,000 times per second. Timely and powerful compensation intervention on the body attitude to help the driver stop the vehicle in a stable and controllable manner. This function will hopefully avoid the occurrence of secondary accidents to the greatest extent from the source of power.

Models equipped with e4 technology will have good airtightness of the body and cockpit because the protection capability of the core system of the vehicle reaches the IP68 level, it can even obtain emergency floating and escape capabilities by virtue of the four-wheel independent vector control function.

In addition to the ultimate security, e4 is also able to provide users with the ultimate performance and the ultimate driving experience. The maximum power of the e4 platform is 1100 horsepower @20,500rpm, which can meet the performance requirements of various extreme scenes such as streets, off-road, and race tracks. The powerful power brought by the independent research and development of highly integrated motors also realizes the flexible U-turn function on high-adhesion roads such as asphalt roads,

With the independent positive and negative torque output capabilities of the four-motor drive technology, the e4 platform can even achieve a braking distance of fewer than 40 meters from 100-0 km/h and an agile steering capability of fewer than 12 meters.