BYD S6 SUV Review & Road Test | LEXUS RX?


BYD’s latest work BYD S6 SUV was just listed, it was known as the cheapest SUV in the world which was featured on many advanced packages, so it was attracted by people once it was launched. The price for the S6 SUV is declared from CNY89,800  to CNY129,800 (around USD14,000 to 20200)

BYD S6 SUV Review

You will feel you would just remember at the first sight, without taboo, its appearance design was just taken from the old version of Lexus RX, there is only a little alteration on BYD S6’s front face and it’s tail part, integrating some of its own elements, the round appearance just tells you that it’s a city SUV, there is a clear contrast with Great Wall Hover SUV.

The most exciting things are that there are so many advanced technology on BYD S6, such as

  • Intelligent Key System including Keyless Entry, One-button Start System, Electronic anti-theft, Vehicle Searching System, Alarm System;
  • 7” Touch Screen Voice Navigation System, Mobile Digital TV System;
  • Vehicle Bluetooth Module
  • Visible parking System
  • Right Front Tire Visual System

Actually has similar article which introduced BYD S6 DM in the below blog:

BYD SUV S6 DM Review

So we will focus on introducing more new technology on BYD S6 this time:

BYD S6 SUV Review & Road Test|Appearance

BYD S6 SUV Review & Road Test|Tail Part

BYD S6 SUV Review & Road Test|Power

BYD S6 SUV Review & Road Test|Interior

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