BYD SUV S6 DM Review – China’s Lexus RX (1)

As we said, BYD hopes to become the main carmaker by 2025 and take theleading position in thedomestic market by 2015.
BYD S6 DM On Shanghai Auto Show – Do you think it is a copycat of Lexus RX?
“We have sufficient timefor beingChina’s best carmaker by 2015 with a complete and mature product line-up. We’resure we are able to achieve the target earlier than scheduled,” Wang Jianjun, deputy general manager of  BYD Auto Sales Co told the China Daily. “BYD has also beenmaking efforts to over take Toyota to be the world’s # 1carmaker in 2025, with annual sales of more than10 million cars expected by that period,” Wang said.
BYD’s S6 DM is aobvious rip-off of the Lexus RX crossover, and evenhas adual-mode hybrid system similar to the RX400h. However, BYD’s 102 horse power gas engine and 14 horse power electric motor are  exponentially less strong than the Lexus’ 3.5L V6/electric motor combination. BYD claims that the car can travel around 37 miles on afull electric charge, however, who knows if this type of vehicle will even be sold here. We’ll be waiting  to see if BYD could make an original design first.
Chinese carmaker BYD, who recently announced its optimistic plans to become the world’s number onecarmaker, is evaluating the S6 SUV, a model that’s been often related to Lexus RX. The reasons are very clear  and one can easily notice them only by looking at the car.
BYD, maybe China’s best known automaker, is short for  “Build Your Dreams”, but their current product offerings appear like somebody else’s dreams shamelessly copied and sold under the Chinese car makers own  badging.

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