BYD received another 64 overseas orders for its electric bus


We learned that BYD signed an order for 64 pure electric buses with Nobina, the largest bus operator in Northern Europe. It is reported that these vehicles are expected to be officially delivered in the second quarter of 2023 and put into operation in Nedre Glomma, Norway.

This batch of orders includes 40 12-meter and 24 15-meter pure electric buses. In order to better adapt to the extreme weather conditions in Norway, these models will be equipped with the electric heat management system developed by BYD. In addition, in order to ensure the safety and endurance of the bus, the new car will also be equipped with a new generation of lithium iron phosphate batteries and a six-in-one integrated controller assembly system. At the same time, the new car also upgrades the appearance and interior materials to provide a more comfortable and environmentally friendly travel experience.

BYD and Nobina established a cooperative relationship as early as 2015. Currently, Nobina has more than 300 BYD electric buses operating in Sweden, Norway, Finland and other places. At the beginning of this year, BYD signed an order with Nobina for 30 buses, which will be put into operation in Helsinki by the end of this year.