BYD HAN Will Be Positioned in Coupe, To Compete with Tesla Model 3?


Just last week, Zhao Changjiang, general manager of BYD Auto Sales Co., Ltd. revealed to the media that BYD’s new model “Han”(Chinese:汉) will have a coupe style, BYD will position it as B+ segment, and competitors will target Tesla Model 3, it will also be a high-performance car.

BYD HAN will adopt the coupe shape instead of super car that was previously hearsay.” Zhao Changjiang revealed that “the performance of BYD Han and the interior room will be significantly better than Bens or BMW’s high-end B-class, if it is compared with the energy model, the performance of BYD Han can be completely matched with the standard Tesla Model S.”

Rumor of BYD Han has been circulated among the riders. Numerous beautiful super-car imaginary pictures have been exploded. Especially on the eve of 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, BYD officially released a set of supercar teasers, which made everyone think that BYD Han finally coming. However, the gull-wing super-car concept car released by 2019 Shanghai Auto Show was named E-SEED GT, and recently, BYD Global Exterior Design Director Juan Ma Lopez said: “E-SEED GT is not directly mass-produced as HAN.”

From the expression of Zhao Changjiang this time, it can be seen that the “Han” launched in the future will still introduce fuel, DM (plug-in hybrid) and pure electric power. On the fuel model, the benchmark may be a sports-oriented mid-size sedan like the BMW 3-Series. In terms of the performance and size of pure electric vehicles, it will be in line with Model S, and the price is expected to be in line with Model 3.