BYD Fang Cheng Bao leaks its first hardcore off-road electric SUV


BYD officially announced that its new personalized brand was officially named “Fang Cheng Bao”, this is the official name of the so-called F brand that revealed several days ago, and also released more official pictures of its first model. The brand will be officially released this year, and the first model will also be launched within this year, with an estimated price of 400,000-600,000 yuan in the Chinese market.

The positioning of Fang Cheng Bao in BYD’s system is between Denza and Yangwang. Its future products will cover new energy models such as off-road hardcore SUVs and sports cars. Its first model is known as a hardcore SUV model that rivals the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, internally code-named “SF”, and will be officially released within this year. As for the brand name Fang Cheng Bao, the official said it means “using the professional wisdom and spirit of exploring the digital world to solve the personalized changes in the lives of cars and users.” The standards and rules contained in the “Fang Cheng” (it actually means “equation” in English), while the “Bao” (actually means “Leopard”) embodies wildness and agility.

Judging from the released spy photos of the first car, the new car adopts a tough body line design, equipped with a solid body and prominent wheel eyebrow design. It is reported that the length of this car is close to 5 meters, the wheelbase reaches about 2.8 meters, and it adopts a non-load-bearing body structure. The power part uses BYD’s new hybrid system, which is worth looking forward to. It is reported that its comprehensive range reaches 1,200 kilometers, and the maximum output power exceeds 500 kilowatts; at the same time, the car will also be equipped with BYD Yunnian intelligent body control system, equipped with front and rear differential locks and electric center differential lock.