Brilliance V3/V6/V7 Launched in Myanmar Market


On June 30, 2019, Myanmar time, Brilliance V3/V6/V7, which was assembled and produced by local factories, was officially launched. The three models cover the three mainstream segments of small/compact/medium SUV, the local listing also marks the official entry of Brilliance Auto into the Myanmar private car market.

Brilliance V3

The Brilliance V3, which is positioned in a small SUV, it has young design style, the overeseas version keep the same design with the China spec. Interior is featured with 10’4-inch central screen as well as APPlink intelligent interconnection system.

The compact SUV Brilliance V6 also met with Myanmar consumers at the press conference. The rich and powerful intelligent voice system greatly enhances the human-computer interaction experience of Brilliance V6. Accurate voice control replaced manual operation such as air conditioning control, entertainment control, online inquiry and online translation. In addition, Brilliance V6 is capable of remote control, it can remotely turn on/off engine, air conditioner, lock/unlock door, and remotely search for the car. (we are not sure these functions will be available in Myanmar spec)

Brilliance V7

In addition, the med-sized SUV Brilliance V7 is also listed. As the performance vehicle of the Brilliance Auto V series, Brilliance V7 is known for its fashionable shape, powerful performance and international quality. The Brilliance V7 is equipped with the CE16 supercharged direct injection engine authorized by BMW. The maximum power is 150 kW and the peak torque is 280 Nm. It matches the Getrag 7-DCT gearbox and the fuel consumption is only 6.5 liters per 100 km. The Brilliance V7 chassis system was jointly adjusted by BMW and Magna.

Brilliance V7 China Version

It is said that Brilliance V7 has been re-adjusted according to the road environment in Myanmar to make it more in line with the driving habits of Myanmar consumers.

The discontinued Brilliance Zunchi

It is reported that the relationship between Brilliance Auto and Myanmar can be traced back to 2015. At that time, Brilliance Group won the bid for the foreign aid order of Ministry of Commerce China, Brilliance Auto provided 120 units of Brilliance Zunchi (a mid-sized sedan model which is discontinued) for Myanmar as police vehicles. Then in 2018, Brilliance Auto and Myanmar local partners reached an agreement to form a car assembly plant to achieve the local production of the Brilliance series vehicles. Therefore, the Brilliance V3/V6/V7 models sold in Myanmar are produced in Myanmar factory.