BMW-Brilliance Debut BMW X1 Facelift and BMW X1 PHEV China Version at 2019 Chengdu Auto Show


At the just-opened Chengdu Auto Show, the BMW X1 facelift was officially unveiled. It incorporates the latest design elements of the BMW family and looks more refined, which is significantly improved compared to the current model.

The BMW X1 facelift changes a lot in appearance, the larger front kidney grille and the disappearing barrel fog light that the new model changes closer to the current X7 or X5. The new architecture’s front headlights feature a double-stacking structure that matches the floating daytime running lights to highlight BMW’s future technological inspiration.

The length, width and height of the new BMW X1 are 4565mm/ 1821mm /1620mm, the wheelbase is 2780mm, although there is no improvement, it still has obvious advantages in the same segment, depending on the configuration, the new car will be available in 225/50 R18 and 225/45 R19 tires.

The change in style at the rear is not outstanding. More highlights come from the internal configuration of the taillights and the setting of the full LED lighting. In fact, it is not difficult to understand the way we think about it, the design of the BMW X1 is very popular and fashionable today, so from this point we can see the BMW designers’ forward-looking vision for the future of car design.

The interior part retains the style of the current version, the changes are also in the details, such as the use of a new style of electronic gear-lever.

In terms of power, BMW X1 facelift continues the power combination of the current models, which are available in 1.5T and 2.0T respectively. The maximum power of the 1.5T engine is 136 hp and the peak torque is 220 Nm, the maximum power of the 2.0T engine is 192 hp, the peak torque is 280 Nm and the drive train is matched to the 6AT and 8AT gearboxes. But the official has not confirmed whether it will retain the option of the 3-cylinder 1.5T engine.


The exterior and interior of the BMW X1 PHEV model is in line with the newly released BMW X1 facelift. The kidney-shaped front grille is larger in size and matched with a sporty front bumper to make it look more imposing. The interior part basically follows the current model, there are not many changes.

In terms of power, the new BMW X1 PHEV will use BMW’s fourth-gen plug-in hybrid system, which is equipped with a 9.7kWh power battery, its pure electric range will exceed 50km (31 miles) under NEDC conditions. In terms of the arrangement of the engine and the drive motor, it will follow the same as the current model, that is, the engine is mounted on the front axle to drive the front wheel, and the electric motor is mounted on the rear axle to drive the rear wheel, the four-wheel drive mode is implemented in the case of relatively sufficient power.

BMW X1 China version will be made by BMW’s joint venture, BMW-Brilliance in China.