WeRide and Other Three Parties Set up A Robot Taxi Company For Developing L4 Autopilot


Recently, the Chinese auto-driving startup WeRide announced that it has entered into cooperation with Guangzhou Baiyun Taxi Group (a subsidy of Guangzhou Public Transport) and SCI Group to form a joint venture company WeRide RoboTaxi. In the future, the three parties will jointly explore the L4 autopilot travel service.

It is reported that WeRide RoboTaxi is a future-oriented Robo Taxi company, its establishment is an important node for WeRide to enter the commercialization of automatic driving. In the tripartite cooperation, SCI Group will provide supporting policy support for WeRide and create a good policy environment, the Guangzhou Baiyun Taxi Group is the largest taxi company in South China, it has more than 10,000 taxis and cooperates with WeRide to provide a landing scene for the commercialization of autonomous driving.

Founded in 2017, WeRide has been focusing on the development of L4-class autonomous driving technology and has received investment from Alliance Ventures, a strategic venture capital firm of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. In 2018, WeRide jointly launched the first self-driving taxi in China with Guangzhou Baiyun Taxi Group and GAC New Energy, and started trial operation activities with a starting price of 12 yuan.

At present, WeRide has carried out automatic driving road test in Guangzhou, Anqing and California US, with a cumulative road test mileage of more than 560,000 kilometers. In June 2019, Guangzhou govern. issued 24 road test licenses for the first time, and WeRide won 20 of them, it means that it can carry out larger-scale autopilot tests on a larger scale to obtain more and more detailed road test big data.

About WeRide

WeRide, China’s leading L4 autopilot company, is committed to providing convenient and reliable new travel services to the public. On October 31, 2018, it completed the A round of financing, led by Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance (RNM). It is the first L4 autopilot company in China to receive strategic investment from global automakers. WeRide has a deep technical team with nearly 300 employees worldwide, 70% of whom are R&D engineers. Founded in 2017, WeRide’s global headquarters is located in Guangzhou, with R&D and operations in Silicon Valley, Beijing, China and Anqing, USA.