Sino-German will Strengthen Autopilot Cooperation, Boost by 5G Technology


A German business representative said recently that as a German transportation solution provider, Siemens Transportation has expectations for the rapid development of China’s 5G technology and autonomous driving industry. In the future, Germany and China will further cooperate in the industry.

Jurgen Model, CEO of Siemens Transportation China Branch, revealed to the media that the Chinese government has planned a clear-cut autopilot industry development plan, and proposed the development goal of “networking, sharing, automation and electrification” for future transportation. Model believes that 5G networks will soon be promoted in China with China’s growing position in the 5G field, which will lay a solid foundation for the development of China’s autonomous driving industry.

Siemens Transportation has signed an autopilot cooperation agreement with Suzhou Industrial Park in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. The company will provide roadside equipment and traffic management systems to the park. At present, Siemens Transportation collects data through roadside units, intelligent traffic lights, cameras, and completes data management in the traffic management system, and then sends instructions to the vehicle.

According to Siemens Transportation, the potential for cooperation between German and Chinese companies in the autonomous driving industry is enormous, thanks to the strong support of both governments. For a long time, Siemens Transportation has cooperated closely with the Chinese transportation industry. It can be traced back to China’s first tram line in 1899. The company is willing to share technology with Chinese partners.

In the past 100 years, Siemens Transportation has been involved in the development and modernization of China’s transportation infrastructure. Siemens Transportation provides signal systems for Chinese customers, as well as core components and related services for locomotives, high-speed rail and other products.