Borgward Germany Electric factory Temporarily Closed, BXi7 Overseas Plans to Stagnate


Some medias reported that Borgward BXi7 plan has stagnated, a pure electric SUV model which had planned to produce Germany. The company’s plant in Bremen, Germany, has been temporarily closed, the plant may be changed the owner in the future.

According to the German Bremen Economic Development Authority (WFB), Borgward has not yet implemented its initial manufacturing plan in Bremen, northern Germany. The company is located in the Bremen freight transportation center, the right of use has expired at the end of June 2019.

Borgward has confirmed to the media that the factory has been temporarily closed. An official spokesman said: “Bremen is the hometown of Borgward, we will still maintain close contact with WFB.” However, according to WFB, this “close contact” is not about vehicle manufacturing, but instead shifts the direction of business communication to the field of travel services.

When Christian Borgward, the grandson of the founder of Borgward, promoted the renascence of Borgward brand in 2015, he got the “Olive Branch” from Foton Motor. In January 2019, the Shenzhou UCAR took over the Borgward from Foton, and then launched a series of strategic changes, including the dealer system and travel services. For the company’s previous manufacturing base in Bremen, Germany, the plan to produce BXi7 in Europe may not be restarted.

Borgward BXi7 is a all-electric SUV based on the gasoline version Borgward BX7, the maximum output of Borgward BXi7 is 242 ps and the peak torque is 390 Nm. The official said that its battery capacity is 49kW·h, the cruising range of comprehensive working conditions is 308km (191miles), the 0-100km/h acceleration time is 7.9 seconds, and the maximum speed is 195km/h, Borgward BXi7 is also equipped with a four-wheel drive system. It is priced at 285,000 to 305,000 yuan after subsidy (~US$41,419 – US$44,326) in China market.