WeRide Announces Cooperation with Bosch to Enter L2-L3 Autonomous Driving Technology Development and Application


WeRide, an autonomous driving company, announced that it has obtained a strategic investment from Bosch, an automotive technology and service provider. The two parties signed a cooperation agreement to jointly develop intelligent driving software.

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WeRide said that following the research and development and implementation of L4 autonomous driving technology, the company has also officially entered the development and application of L2-3 autonomous driving technology through the cooperation, cooperating with Bosch China to promote high-end intelligent driving that can be mass-produced.

The data shows that WeRide was established in 2017 and its global headquarters is located in Guangzhou China. At present, it has carried out autonomous driving research and development, testing and operation in 15 cities around the world. WeRide’s autonomous driving technology has been verified on public roads over 11 million kilometers, covering a variety of L4-level autonomous driving products including autonomous taxis, autonomous minibuses, autonomous intra-city freight vehicles and autonomous sanitation vehicles, covering tunnels , bridges, highways, urban villages, morning and evening rush hour, night, rainy and snowy days and other complex scenes.