ZOTYE Compact SUV T300 2019 is on Sale, the Prototype of T300 This Time?


Zotye now become a very famous Chinese copycat automaker. It copied vehicles from Volkswagen, Audi, Land Rover, etc. Zotye T300 was launched in 2017. Zotye T300 claimed to be a compact SUV independently developed by itself.

A few days ago, Zotye Auto announced its compact SUV model T300 2019 version was officially launched. There are two versions, the price range is 45,900-55,900RMB, very cheap vehicle in China.

Zotye T300 2019 follows the design of its old model, but it has improved in configuration. Leather seats, reversing radar and video, “follow me home” function, four-door electric window, EPS power steering, dust filter come to the standard configuration. The 8-inch central control screen in the car integrates multimedia navigation, Bluetooth.

In terms of safety configuration, Zotye T300 2019 is equipped with ABS, EBD, and front double airbags. The new car will still be powered by a 1.5L naturally aspirated engine with maximum power of 82 kW and maximum torque of 143 N.m, matching manual and CVT gearboxes.

It is worth mentioning that Zotye T300 won the C-NCAP crash test “five-star rating” in 2018.

A interesting question is who the prototype of T300 is?

Everyone said that Zotye finally took the route of independent research and development, but I did see how T300 was like another Chinese SUV model that was listed not long ago, but I couldn’t remember it. Until today, I came home from work and found a “Haima S5 Young” (a compact SUV model from Haima Motor) parked on the side of the road. I suddenly woke up, check the picture below…

This is Zotye T300
This is Haima S5 Young

Anyway, both models are really strange in appearance…