Zotye’s Jiangnan U2 will be the first new EV after reorganization


When it comes to the brand of Jiangnan Auto, even the Chinese themselves may be unfamiliar or even unaware of it, but when it comes to Zotye Auto, we believe many people have an impression. In the era of fuel vehicles, with a price of 20,800 yuan, Jiangnan TT (a copycat of Suziki ALTO), a subsidiary of Zotye Automobile (In 2007, Zotye Auto acquired Jiangnan Auto), once set a record for the lowest price of a passenger car. However, with the suspension of production of Zotye, Jiangnan Automobile has gradually faded out of people’s sight. Just when Zotye Automobile was thinking that it was going to say goodbye to everyone, Jiangnan Auto released the official image of a new small pure electric vehicle – Jiangnan U2. The car will launch two battery range versions, with a comprehensive battery life of 305 kilometers and 406 kilometers respectively.

Updated on 27th Feb. 2023: Jiangnan U2 listed with price range 56,800 – 98,800 yuan in the Chinese market, offering 6 variants.

How competitive is Jiangnan U2?

In terms of appearance design, the overall design of Jiangnan U2 is relatively simple and elegant. The front face is equipped with headlights decorated with ring-shaped LED light strips, which are connected by black decorative panels to increase the sense of fashion. The design of the lower front surround is simple, equipped with long air intakes.

The side shape of the body is simple and smooth, the two-color body design is matched with the double four-spoke low-drag wheels, and the overall design is highly recognizable. The hidden door handle design also plays a role in reducing wind resistance, and it is also very personalized. The shape of the taillights at the rear of the car echoes the shape of the headlights, and is also connected by a black trim. In terms of size, the length, width and height of Jiangnan U2 are 3840/1742/1545mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2521mm.

In terms of power, this small EV will be equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery and provide two power versions, the maximum power is 55kW and 80kW, and the peak torque is 120 Nm and 160 Nm. In terms of range, the car will launch two range versions, with a comprehensive range of 305 kilometers and 406 kilometers respectively.

Can Jiangnan U2 bring Zotye Auto back to life?

Since the reorganization, Zotye has lived on the verge of bankruptcy, but survived after all. Recently, Zotye signed an agreement with the government of Bishan District, Chongqing. The two parties will establish an intelligent networked new energy vehicle research and development and production base project in Bishan, and transform and build a new energy vehicle production base with an annual output of 100,000 vehicles. The Jiangnan U2 is the first new car of Zotye Automobile after its reorganization. It is about to be mass-produced, how to enter the market, national sales and the establishment of after-sales channels may be the main problems Zotye faces.