Zotye Auto Debuted Zotye ES330 Concept Car Based on Yun100 on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show


At the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, Zotye Auto brought Zotye ES330 concept car. Zotye ES330 concept car is based on Zotye YUN100, positioned in a small pure electric SUV. The appearance changes very much, including the new front face, rim and tail shape, all of which have changed significantly. Some of the design elements are inherited from Zotye i-across concept car.

Although the new car still has the structure of Zotye YUN100, we can clearly see that Zotye ES330 concept car has a very big change in appearance. The front face is connected with a strip of double-rotating dart-shaped daytime running lights on both sides. The middle is the illuminated Zotye badge, the large mouth air inlet, and the two sides are upturned, looks like a smiling face. The two-tone body is very stylish.

In the rear part, the shape of the taillight echoes the headlights. The center is covered by black plaques. The lines are tough, full of sporty movement. In terms of power, Zotye ES330 will be pure electric power system, its comprehensive renge will be longer than 186miles(300km).