Lei Jun: The first engineering vehicle of Xiaomi Auto MS11 has been rolled off the production line


News leaks by Chinese netizens, the first engineering vehicle of Xiaomi Automobile has been rolled off the production line on September 28, and the next important project node is the completion of the automobile factory before the end of the year. The source of the news points to a recent internal speech by Xiaomi founder Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s first car is internally code-named MS11. The car is expected to be equipped with 800V technology and a 260kW electric bridge. It is expected to be officially mass-produced in January 2024.

The Xiaomi Auto Headquarters Base was settled in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone in November 2021. The auto factory will be constructed in two phases. At that time, the first phase was scheduled to start in April 2022, and the second phase wa scheduled to start in March 2024. The cumulative annual output of the factory will be up to 300,000 vehicles.

At Lei Jun’s annual speech in 2022, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun said that “the progress of car manufacturing will not be disclosed in the next two years”, while denying that Xiaomi Auto missed the window. According to the plan, Xiaomi’s first car will roll off the assembly line and achieve mass production in 2024.

Not long ago, it was reported that Xiaomi Auto has taken an important step on the road to mass production. The engineering prototype of software integration is expected to be completed in mid-October, and various tests will be started later. Obviously, the Xiaomi engineering prototype is progressing rapidly, and it has been offline earlier than the previous plan.