Tesla to upgrade free hardware 3.0 for optional FSD owners


Recently, Tesla announced an auto-assisted driving hardware upgrade plan for old owners: any model that has purchased a fully automatic driving optional package (FSD) can use the self-driving hardware version 2.0 or 2.5. At the appointment time in early April, go to the service center to upgrade to automatic driving assistance hardware 3.0.

It is understood that when the service is turned on, Tesla will notify the owners to complete the installation and upgrade in batches. The entire process usually takes more than an hour, depending on the configuration of the vehicle. It is worth noting that the official has not yet revealed whether the models equipped with the automatic driver assistance hardware version 1.0 are eligible and when they can be upgraded to new hardware.

Tesla’s Automated Assisted Driving Hardware 3.0 has significantly improved computing power over previous versions of hardware. This advantage allows vehicles to recognize various obstacles and road signs around them, such as traffic barriers, traffic lights, stop signs, and so on, which were not possible with previous older versions of hardware. It is understood that this capability mainly serves the corresponding functions in the fully automatic driving option package. For models that do not have the fully automatic driving option package, upgrading to hardware 3.0 has relatively little significance. For the latest information on Tesla, please stay tuned for follow-up reports from Car House.

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