Blogger claimed Tesla stopped delivering in China due to “wrong chip version”

Chinese blogger claimed the “wrong chip version” of Tesla Model 3 on weibo

A popular Chinese blogger claims that Tesla’s declaration info and systems did not match the actual vehicle loaded. The blogger, @Blood旌旗 on weibo, also claims that “this is the reason why Tesla has stopped deliveries in China”. For its part, Tesla staff was reported to have stated not receiving reports about the errors.

The blogger’s latest weibo shows another case on “wrong chip version”

In detail, the blogger relayed in a text message that Tesla’s vehicle system uses the FSD chip HW3. However, the chip on the base model that was produced after Chinese new year was replaced with HW2.5 chip and that there was a photographic capture of the evidence by an actual owner.

The world’s leading new energy EV company, Tesla’s focus has always been on autonomous driving technology. The company announced plans and technical details on autonomous driving in April 2019, which included the latest hardware (HW) 3.0 with image processing speed 21 times faster and cost 20% lower than Hardware 2.5. Moreover, Tesla announced that the Model S/X and Model 3 will be equipped with Hardware 3.0. For old model with FSD, the company will also provide hardware upgrade services.

Tesla Model 3 China Spec

Some Tesla owners who submitted an application for upgrade at the end of last year were reported to have received mixed responses. A Tesla official was quoted as saying that “currently, only vehicles in the designated VIN list can be upgraded,” and that there is no formal timetable for future upgrades open to all applicable models.

Regarding the issue of the use of old chips by Chinese users this time, concerned netizens said, “Everyone thought that Tesla’s model 3 used HW3.0 chips. Many Model 3 owners also have 3.0 chips at hand. But more and more consumers mentioned they got 2.5-chip in the car, but the list of car says that 3.0 chips are used. It’s like I bought iPhone11 with older iPhone 10 chips.

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