Tesla China: free chip upgrade has been done for hundreds of car owners


After “hanging sheep’s head to sell dog meat” was exposed, Tesla began to exchange “mutton” for its owners. According to Tesla, Tesla’s major stores have started replacement services and have completed the upgrade and replacement of HW 3.0 for hundreds of car owners.

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According to Tesla store service personnel, if the Tesla Model 3 is ordered now, the delivery version will not be similar at that time. It is reported that Tesla’s Shanghai plant produced 2625 vehicles in January and 3898 vehicles in February. It is a new energy vehicle company that has been less affected by the epidemic so far. Ordering a Tesla Model 3 can basically pick up the vehicle in the second quarter.

So can Tesla’s free upgrades for the downgraded vehicle owners be all right? Some insiders said that according to the public remarks of Tesla’s founder Elon Musk, he knew that the factory had assembled HW2.5 for vehicles but condoned this behavior, and forcedly explained that “if FSD is not installed, there is no difference in the use of the chip “, which is obviously inappropriate.

In addition, some consumers and car owners believe that Tesla should compensate the downgraded car owners according to law. Because according to the provisions of Article 55 of the “People’s Republic of China’s Consumer Rights Protection Law”, ” Operators who provide fraudulent acts in the provision of goods or services shall, in accordance with the requirements of consumers, increase their compensation for the losses they have suffered, the amount of which shall be increased by three times the price of the purchase of goods or the cost of receiving services.”

Although the downgrade case has attracted public attention, Tesla still does not seem to solve the problem of HW3.0 supply. On March 4, Tesla stated “Upgrade to 3.0 after delivery” in the “Delivery Statement and Debit Receipt” provided by the owner; on March 11, Tesla Production Director Jatinder Dhillon was reported Leaving Tesla.

Insurance data shows that Tesla delivered 42,200 electric vehicles in the Chinese market in 2019, and has set a goal of doubling the number of deliveries in 2020. However, related events such as chip downgrade have set off alarm bells for Tesla. If you want to maintain your brand image and increase sales, you must pay attention to consumer rights and experiences.