State Grid Shanghai Power: Fully promote the construction of the second phase of the Tesla Super Factory supporting project


On March 2, Wu Yingzi, deputy general manager of the State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Company, stated at a Shanghai government press conference that the State Grid Shanghai Power Company has been comprehensively promoting the construction of power engineering projects.

“We are actively accelerating the resumption of the first phase of the government’s major projects, key industries, and important enterprises’ power supporting projects. We are fully promoting the Lingang Tesla Super Factory Phase II supporting project, as well as other project construction to ensure the implementation of the 13 billion yuan grid investment plan for this year, and fully promote the resumption of production in the upstream and downstream industries. “Wu Yingzi revealed.

Tesla Model Y

On August 19, 2019, Shanghai Lingang Tesla Super Factory Project (Phase 1) obtained the first comprehensive acceptance certificate. The EIA announcement of the project shows that the Tesla Shanghai Super Factory project will be implemented in phases. The total investment of the project is 14 billion yuan. After the completion of the first phase, the annual output will be 150,000 pure electric vehicles. The production models include Model 3 and Model Y.

At the groundbreaking ceremony of Tesla’s Shanghai Super Factory on January 7, this year, while the first Chinese Model 3 was delivered to consumers, the Model Y project was officially announced.