Official Images of Wuling Xingchen PLUS Released, Scheduled for Launch in the Second Half of the Year


The official images of the Wuling Xingchen PLUS have been officially released. The new car is based on the SAIC-GM-Wuling Tianyu Architecture D platform and will be available in two power configurations: plug-in hybrid and pure electric. The new car will be launched in the second half of this year.

Exterior Design

The exterior design of the new car is simple and stylish, with a dynamic and flowing body that exudes a sense of sportiness. The car adopts a new design style, with a closed front grille and a split headlight assembly, giving the car a more fashionable look. At the same time, the addition of a large trapezoidal air intake further enhances the car’s sense of sportiness. The daytime running lights are also split, with a striking 7-shaped design. The front headlight assembly features a multi-lens design and is integrated with the air vents.

Body Dimensions

The body dimensions of the new car are 4705/1870/1670mm, with a wheelbase of 2800mm. The overall side of the body is full and dynamic. The rear end is also different from the current Wuling Xingchen (parameters | inquiry), adopting a horizontally narrow taillight group with the Wuling silver LOGO in the middle and a silver anti-scratch guard plate below, making the car look more durable. The Wuling Xingchen PLUS also has a sunroof, external power supply, and front radar.


The car will be equipped with a plug-in hybrid power system consisting of a 1.5L engine codenamed LBG produced by Liuzhou SAIC Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., with a maximum engine power of 78 kW and a maximum power of 150 kW drive motor.