China’s Smart? Wuling Bingo Listed in China With Price Started At US$8,700


In recent years, the models launched by the Wuling brand in the Chinese market are all known for its cost-effectiveness. The best-selling models are all small cars, such as Wuling Hongguang Mini EV, Air EV, and NanoEV. This has also driven the China’s miniature electric vehicle market. It seems that Wuling Intent to make efforts in the small car market, this time Wuling has brought another small electric car, Wuling Bingo (the Chinese name “缤果” spelling by “Binguo”, it’s much similar pronunciation to “Bingo”). On March 29, SAIC-GM-Wuling’s brand new small electric car, Wuling Bingo (checkhere their official page), was officially launched, and a total of 5 new models were launched, the price range is 59,800 to 83,800 yuan (~US$8,700 – ~US$12,000).

Wuling Bingo is a pure electric model with very cute appearance like Smart. It is one size larger than Hongguang Mini EV. In terms of appearance, Wuling Bingo features a new design language, which has obvious styling differences from other electric vehicles in the family. The whole vehicle is outlined with rounded lines, the closed front grille is matched with rounded headlights, and the visual effect is very fashionable. At the same time, the car uses X-shaped LED daytime running lights, which greatly improves the recognition.

Viewed from the side of the body, the new car features the popular floating roof design, with a large spoiler shape at the rear. At the rear, the car also uses rounded corner lamps, and the interior still adopts an X-shaped lamp cavity structure, which echoes the headlights.
The body size is 3950/1708/1580, and the wheelbase is 2560. This size is between Smart #1 and BYD Dolphin, and it is positioned above Wuling Hongguang MINIEV, but still a small EV. Its competitors will be like BYD Seagull, Leapmotor T03 and so on.

In interior, Wuling Bingo features a double-color interior style, with many details of chrome-plated trim, creating a good fashion atmosphere. The new car is equipped with the popular dual 10.25-inch dual screen design, double-spoke multifunctional steering wheel, and knob-type shift mechanism.

For the power part, Wuling Bingo has 203km and 333km range versions, among which the 203km-range model has a total motor power of 30kW and max. torque of 110N m. The 333km-range version model has a total motor power of 50kW and max. torque of 150N.m.