SAIC New MG3 Review – Appearance

Do not know the reason or the shooting angle light reasons, from the appearance point of view, the first auto show debut of the MG3 on the Internet than before the “spy makeup”to pretty much. This station by the famous British car designer TonyWilliams Britain led the team to build a new small car styling bold avant-garde, dynamic. Car retains many MG Zero concept car design elements, full of strong sci-fi color, it can not help but think of the rage, Star Wars style!
MG3 new body, MG brand has become even more obvious unique characteristics. Whether the overall outline or details of the design, have revealed a sporty new car with a sense of vitality.

Look past the face, MG3 still inherit the family of modern MG models front. But it is worth mentioning that, MG3 headlamps shape seems to show a maturity beyond MG6 handwriting, high-impact style sense, and also with the MG within the LOGO; pentagon mesh grille does not fall Conventional interpretation of the MG3 sports atmosphere.

MG3 from the next graph, we can experience athletic version of a more violent movement .

MG3 new car has a 3999mm long, the size of more than a Fit, Jing Rui and other similar models; vehicle width 1728MM, basically reached the level of B-class car, better than most of the A0-level models; 2520mm wheelbase is also Above the level in its class.

MG3-color roof, or rather, whether some retro style C-pillar, MINI cars are quite demeanor. For the so-called Internet rumors “MG3 is the entry-level MINI ” statement, SAIC MG’s staff did not show any “angry”On the contrary, they are indifferent – and even welcome that. They pointed to the stage MG MINI cars Classic Car Show, the predecessor MORRIS MINOR 1000 and MG 1300 told reporters that, historically, MINI MG cars has always been the origin, so MG3 and MINI vehicles with the level design language has in some Similarities are not a big deal.

Taillights are a three-dimensional shape, but does not affect the side of appreciation from the car’s overall visual effect when MG3, MG3 retro C-pillar is still quite a grand feeling! Trunk space is not small, after measuring with a finger and found that the largest number of any of today’s trolley can be easily stuffed into the trunk of MG3.