SAIC MG6 Review and Road Test – Space (2)


● Passenger Space: head space limit by design

MG6 is positioned at family-use car, so the passenger space is very important. The starting point is the front seats, although the car we test is not equipped with leather seats, but the fabric seat support and packages are all very nice, sports style. Note that it is adequate leg support, if the body is fat, then there is even a little bit oppressive, and the seat is not equipped with electric adjustment function, the best position can be only adjusted by manual.

MG6 front row space

MG6 front row space

We can see the beltlines of MG6 are very smooth and dynamic, but we have to be worried about the head space when we see the inclined column A and moved backward roof. In the front row, the tester’s height is 1.75, there is only one fist width extra space after the tester sit down, the space is not bad.

MG6 back row space

Back row seat

However, the space is not too much in the back row, there is only 3-finger width extra space after the passenger sit down, the good news is that the legroom is good by the long wheelbase of 2.7m, while rear seat cushion can provide good support in both width and length.
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