Noncamouflaged MG eHS 50T PHEV Spy Photos is Leaked


We obtained a set of non-camouflaged road test spy photos of the MG eHS 50T (PHEV) model from relevant channels. It is reported that the new car will be equipped with the plug-in hybrid system of the 1.5T engine + 10-speed EDU transmission which is the same as the MG 6 50T PHEV. The system has maximum integrated power of 305 ps and a peak torque of 480 Nm. For reference, the measured 0-100km/h acceleration time of MG 6 50T model is 5.83 seconds. Then, Is MG eHS 50T “0-100km/h” acceleration time with the same power system able to reach within 6 seconds?

In terms of appearance, MG eHS 50T PHEV is almost indistinguishable from the already-sold fuel-based MG HS models, overall continues the MG HS’s outstanding design, with only minor changes. According to the previous declaration, the new car will also provide grey rims and bright black front face trim kits (including grille frame, fog light frame, lower air intake trapezoidal frame, etc.) on some models. At the rear end of the car, the rear badge of the vehicle has also changed to “eHS” and “50T”.

In the interior section, the biggest change of the MG eHS 50T is the replacement of the electronic gear lever, as well as the new two-tone integrated sports seat, which is expected to bring better supprot and visual effects to consumers.

Previous declaration pictures from China MIIT:

In terms of power, MG eHS 50T is equipped with a 1.5T engine with maximum power of 169 ps, which can meet the CHINA-6b emission standard, a front-drive motor with maximum power of 122 ps, and a ternary lithium battery pack from Ningde E-con Power (Owed by SAIC) and a 10-speed EDU transmission system. Referring to the MG 6 50T, the system has a combined maximum power of 305 ps and peak torque of 480 Nm. According to previous test, the 0-100km/h acceleration time of the MG 6 50T was 5.83 seconds, the MG eHS 50T equipped with the same powertrain, its “0-100km/h” is expected to be about 6 seconds.