Codenamed EH32, SAIC-MG to launch the first pure electric global car in 2022


SAIC MG plans to launch a global model that will debut in the European market in 2022. According to official information, the internal code of the new car is MG EH32, which is a pure electric model based on the exclusive architecture of electric vehicles. This new EV is also defined by the group as the first global car in the true sense of the Chinese auto industry.

Combined with the previous SAIC MG product planning, the new car is likely to be the second model of the Cyber series, the MG CyberE, which will be equipped with a smart cockpit equipped with 5G interconnection technology and featured with L3-level intelligent driving assistance functions.

Although the design of the new car is not similar to the current MG models, it is also featured a sharp and sporty design style. The smooth fold line on the front bonnet and the lower fold line together form the X-shaped front face. The willow-shaped headlights are very slender, and the “inner corners” are sharp and slender. The front bumper and fog lamp area have vertical air intakes, highlighting the sporty atmosphere of the new car.

The shape of the side of the new car is compact and smooth, and it does not use too many fancy designs, which is very young and simple. At the rear, bar-type taillights are used, and the shape of the rear surround also highlights the dynamic.

It is reported that the new car, code-named EH32, has already started road tests in Hungary, and there are indications that this global car is developed and produced in Europe. The new car will be based on the exclusive architecture of electric vehicles, equipped with intelligent cockpit, equipped with functions such as intelligent driving, and positioned as a sports SUV, which is the benchmark of Volkswagen ID.3.

In addition, in the future, the MG brand will launch two series of models, the Cyber series and the Chao series. Among them, the Cyber series will be the first to be released as an SUV model. The new car will be powered by a 1.5T engine and a CVT gearbox.

At the same time, SAIC Motor stated that it will focus on the European market this year, with a planned annual sales target of more than 120,000 vehicles and more than 1,200 outlets.