MG Zero Review SAIC’s New Concept


MG Zero Review

MG has its own eye set on the juicy China’s compact hatch segment, and the enterprise’s first crack at the market debuted in the form of MG Zero Concept at this year’s Beijing Motor Show. At shave over 13 feet long, the pint-size 5-door is developed to offer up more trend than space. SAIC says the vehicle was designed by Anthony Williams, the MG brand’s Uk manager of design, while offering car owners a unique internal packed with your standard concept-tech. The Zero boasts a floating center control system, full of touch screen controls, in addition to some kind of communication equipment on the rear of the vehicle. Yes, we don’t get that part, either.

ZERO Concept

The MG ZERO concept that measures around 4.0 meters in length, the MG ZERO concept has a high-tech aspect with clear and simple lines both inside and out, and while the driver has a ‘floating console’ around him, the other occupants will use touch screens to interact with the outside world.

ZERO Concept

These are just some of the features showing that with the MG ZERO concept the automaker is exploring the integration of the latest communications technology so we are looking forward in seeing some of these ideas implemented into the production version.

MG ZERO Concept Review

MG hasn’t claimed much concerning the vehicle’s details, such as power plant options, gas mileage or when we finally might expect to see a production version crop up. Even though we are not really smitten together with the vehicle’s nose, the rest of the design would do well in a segment dominated by the drab. Although concrete information is suspiciously absent at this time, SAIC claims the MG Zero ought to be a clear indication of where the brand is headed in the next year.
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