NIU Technologies Released Low-end brand GOVA Electric Motorcycle, the Price is Really Cheap


Niu Technologies released a new GOVA series electric motorcycle in Changzhou China, a total of three models: G1, G3, G5, covering the national standard, portable electric scooter and electric motorcycle.

From the appearance, these three e-scooters seem to have changed the style of the past NIU products. In addition to continuing to use lithium batteries, other unique memories related to the NIU have ceased to exist.

It is worth mentioning that the price of G1 is amazing!

Urban Edition: 48V14Ah lithium iron phosphate, retail price 2999 yuan / 3199 yuan

Performance Edition: 48V16Ah ternary lithium battery, retail price 3599 yuan

Top Edition: 48V20Ah ternary lithium battery, retail price of 3,999 yuan

Compared to U1, the price of G1 is really beautiful. However, this price is only beautiful, and it is difficult to get the fans’ favor in other aspects.

In addition to G1, the price of G3 and G5 has not been released yet. According to preliminary estimates, this may have a certain relationship with the unconfirmed qualification of NIU.

Through this conference, we can see a problem. Since the implementation of the new national standard (China), the upgrade of price war has completely changed the situation of the industry in China. In order to grab the share, the first-line brands continue to launch price wars, leading to the participation of the whole industry; even the NIU who adhere to the differentiated development route are forced to involve in. In order to ensure that the market is not infringed, NIU can only choose another path and join the “price war” sequence.

Judging from the current situation, the price war has become more and more fierce in China, and there seems to be no sign to stop. The third- and fourth-line brands that survived on prices lost their competitive advantage and were squeezed out of their heads, the market positions were lost.

According to a marketing analysis big man of the industry, the price war will continue until 2020, it will become more and more serious. It is said that a certain first-line brand will complete the impact of 10 million targets in order to ensure the growth of market share, and may launch the second brand at the end of the year to expand the price war front again.