CES 2020: Niu Technologies Releases Electric Tricycle TQi


Recently, at the 2020 CES electronics show, Chinese electric motocycle manufacturer Niu Technologies released its first three-wheeled electric motorcycle TQi and first straddle electric motorcycle RQi, both motorcycles support 5G communication and have a range of 200km and 130km. Among them, the three-wheeled electric motorcycle TQi has intelligent driving assistance capabilities, the new motorcycles are expected to be officially launched in the second half of 2020.

TQi is the first self-driving three-wheeled electric motorcycle from Niu Technologies, its shape adopts semi-enclosed body and integral body roof design, the other parts continue and enrich the design language. TQi can achieve L2 level assisted driving ability through 360-degree monitoring of cameras, sensors, radar, etc., the new motocycle has ACC adaptive cruise, and is equipped with a pre-collision system and an automatic parking system. At the same time, TQi is also equipped with a dual front wheel self-balancing system, using a new balance controller, it senses the inclination of the car body in real time and controls the extension and contraction of the front wheel balance bar. In addition, TQi is also equipped with multi-state driving assistance systems such as SRS airbags, ABS anti-lock braking systems, and TC traction control. The new motocycle has a maximum speed of 80km / h and a range of 200km.

At the release conference, Niu Technologies also released the first 5G straddle electric motorcycle RQi, under the shape of the track gene, the new motocycle can reach a maximum speed of 160km / h and a range of 130km. RQi has a car-grade driver assistance system, ABS anti-lock braking system, CBS brake assistance, and TC traction control.