Lotus ELETRE rolled off the production line, plans to sell to the global market in the fourth quarter 2022


On July 15, Lotus (Wuhan) Global Intelligent Manufacturing Factory was officially completed in Hannan, Wuhan City. Lotus’ first high-end pure electric SUV, Lotus ELETRE, was successfully rolled off the production line. The new car has officially opened for reservations in mainland China on June 1. It is planned to be officially launched in China in the third quarter, and fully put into production in the fourth quarter and sold to the global market.

As the first SUV model of the Lotus brand, Eletre still inherits the brand’s excellent aerodynamic design, the front face design is exaggerated, with 7 sets of Race-Aero air ducts, inherited from the pore design of the pure electric supercar Evija. The side of the body adopts a double waistline design, and the contour of the front and rear fenders is very prominent.

The rear of the SUV also has a lot of aerodynamic designs, surrounded by two “airways” at the rear. The “airways” run from the D-pillar position of the vehicle to the rear, forming a good aerodynamic effect. There is also a double-layer large-size rear diffuser device under the rear surround, which can rectify the air flowing through the chassis and increase downforce. In terms of size, the length, width and height of the new car are 5103/2019/1630mm (the width does not include rearview mirrors), and the wheelbase is 3019mm.

Lotus ELETRE is equipped with 4 lidars. The three lidars on the roof and wheel eyebrows are hidden in design. It is also equipped with 12 ultrasonic radars, 2 units 4D imaging millimeter-wave radars, and 4 corner millimeter-wave radars. Eletre has a powerful full scene perception capability, 2 NVIDIA Orin chips, 508Tops computing power, high-level assisted driving capabilities on expressways, some urban road sections and parking lots.

For the power part, Lotus Eletre is equipped with front and rear permanent magnet synchronous dual motors, rear electric drive 2-speed transmission and full 800V high-voltage architecture, enabling Eletre to achieve a maximum power of 905 hp (675 kW), a fastest 0-100 km/h acceleration of 2.95s, and max range of 600km in WLTP test standard. Official claimed that Eletre can charge as fast as 5 minutes and go up to 120km with 420kW supercharger and the battery can be charged from 10% to 80% in the fastest 20 minutes.